Managing Google My Business in Uncertain Times

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Managing Google My Business in Uncertain Times

Update: If you would like Sincro to help you update your Google My Business account at no charge, please reach out to your Sincro Account Executive.

Your Google My Business (GMB) listing has always been your calling card and first impression for shoppers. In these fast changing times, your GMB listing can also serve as a way to get timely messages in front of all of your customers. When thinking about your GMB listing, here are four things to keep in mind.

1.  Hours & Business Information: Keeping your customers informed about changes in your hours can be done through Google My Business. Google has said they will be updating maps based on temporary closures, but it’s best to keep on top of this. This applies to your service and parts hours as well. When you are checking your hours, it’s a great time to make sure all your information is correct, including your phone number.

Sincro Tip: When you are using a call tracking number on your GMB, you can start to quantify how many phone calls you get from GMB every day.

2.  Q&A: Google gives each business a “Q&A” section, which shows common questions from your customers plus answers you (or community members) have put in there. Right now, you may be getting common questions from customers, and adding them into your Q&A section allows everyone to see the answer.

Sincro Tip: the question that has the most upvotes from different users will automatically show in your GMB listing. Go check out what question shows for your dealership, and work to upvote any new questions you have in there

Some common questions being asked right now:

  • Is your dealership operating as usual?
  • What health and safety measures are in place?
  • How are you keeping the dealership clean?
  • Does your dealership do car delivery?

3.  Posts: 
Posts in Google My Business allow you to push out new, timely information to your customers. This is where you, the dealer, get to personalize the message for customers. You should be using the posts to share all the ways you are keeping your dealership clean, any new processes or procedures you put in place, plus different ways customers might be able to shop online, or have a car delivered.

Sincro Tip: For every link you put in a post, use the proper UTM tagging for that post. That way, you will be able to look back at Google Analytics and see what messages connected with your customers.4.  Special Services: Add special services to your amenities to capitalize on any services you’re providing that are appropriate for social distancing.

If you utilize Sincro SEO solutions like PowerSEO, connect with your analyst and we can start putting these strategies into action.


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