Drive SEO Visibility For Service Pages

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Drive SEO Visibility For Service Pages

Ensure that customers can find your service center when they need it using SEO to drive traffic to your service pages. Our SEO experts shared this strategy to rank for auto repair or service related keywords. We’ll mainly be aiming to rank the /service page or landing page, but the homepage, inventory pages and a dedicated GMB profile are pivotal to showing up in local searches. Some of the top repair and service keywords to consider:

  • Auto Repair CITY
  • Auto Repair CITY, STATE
  • Auto Repair
  • Auto Repair Near Me
  • Auto Repair Shop
  • Auto Repair Shop Near Me
  • Auto Body Shop
  • Auto Body Shop Near Me
  • Service Center CITY
  • Vehicle Service CITY, STATE
  • MAKE Service Center
  • Service Center Near Me
  • Car Repair Shop
  • Car Repair Shop Near Me
  • Service Shop
  • Service Shop Near Me

So how do you optimize your website for service keywords?

Choose Target Keywords

Choose at most two service-related keywords that make sense for your business and location. Focus on optimizing for these keywords throughout your website and on your Google My Business listing.

Optimize Your Homepage

On your homepage, update the meta data (title and description) to include the service keywords you want to target. Be sure to describe that your service bays are open and accepting appointments. Add similar content to your homepage above the fold.

Service Page Optimization

Your service page should have the latest news, hours, and messaging to let your customers know that you’ve available for service appointments. Optimize the meta data (title and description), as well as the on-page content, for the service and repair keywords you want to target.

Add Location Content

Add your location throughout the meta data and content so Google displays your website in local service searches.

Highlight Other Services

These keywords can also bring more visibility to additional service pages if you have them:

  • car battery
  • batteries for sale
  • car battery replacement near me
  • oil change near me
  • quick oil changes near me
  • quick oil change
  • brake service
  • brake repair
  • brake shops
Wheel of a car getting service

Remember to link your service pages in the navigation, as well as the footer of your website. Where it makes sense, create additional inlinks on inventory pages.

Submit Your Sitemap

Once this work is complete, submit your sitemap to Google to ensure the new content is crawled and displayed in search results.

Google My Business

Google is limiting the creation and editing of non-essential/healthcare related profiles. If you do not already have a dedicated service listing, at the very least you can create posts on your main dealership listing. Use posts to let people know your service bays are open.

If you can, update your main dealership listing to include service hours. Also be sure to add any special services like tire rotations or oil changes to your business categories. Your edits may not show up for a few days, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Putting effort behind your service strategy at this time can help maintain critical relationships with customers and keep revenue coming into the dealership.


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