Google My Business – Your Key To Local Marketing Success

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Google My Business Updates – What Dealers Need to Know

Google My Business – Your Key To Local Marketing Success

Today businesses everywhere are vying for limited space in paid search results on Google. Unknowingly, these businesses are leaving one of the most valuable digital strategies ignored. Profile listings on Google My Business account for over 50% of all organic traffic to dealer websites. Unfortunately for many dealers, information on their Google My Business profile is often out-of-date or simply wrong.

If local marketing is critical for your sales and future – owning and optimizing your Google My Business profile should also be considered critical.

Most people now are familiar with a Google My Business (GMB) profile. A shopper will come across your dealership GMB profile also known as a listing, knowledge graph or knowledge panel, seemingly by accident while searching online. The key of a GMB profile is its convenience.  A GMB profile displays critical business information at the top of a profile including contact details and website links without a shopper ever leaving search results. Even if you’ve never set-up a GMB profile, your dealership GMB profile will appear in organic search results. So, why should you care about optimizing your GMB profile?

Google has nearly 90% share of search (and likely higher on mobile devices), and during a moment-in-time when every click counts, your Google My Business profile better be correct for your sales, service, and other key departments. If not, it may be the difference between a shopper visiting your website or a competitor site. GMB allows you to update your profile including your website links and contact information; to highlight products and services; share posts on special offers; link a customer directly to your appointment page, and more. 

Setting up your Google My Business profile can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple stores and many shopper-facing departments. We’re here to help.

In Sincro’s “Optimizing Google My Business” our experts take you through optimizing your listings on GMB step-by-step. Topics covered include:

  • The opportunity Google My Business offers and how to optimize your listings
  • How to merchandise your dealership including creating posts and highlight products
  • Creating separate listings for service, parts and other departments
  • Working with multiple location


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