3 SEO Tips for Dealers Undergoing a Buy/Sell

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Blog: 3 SEO Tips for Dealers Undergoing a Buy/Sell

3 SEO Tips for Dealers Undergoing a Buy/Sell

Buy/sells can happen quickly – sometimes in just a few days. But SEO takes time. A good search engine optimization strategy might not pay off for months.

Undergoing a buy/sell can have a big impact on your website rankings and traffic.

  • If your brand name changes, you need SEO
  • If your URL changes, you need SEO 
  • If you change your brand name and/or URL, it’s almost like getting a brand new website

This can be overwhelming for new owners. That’s why we’ve put together some tips for dealers undergoing a buy/sell.

Tip #1 – Put SEO First

You have a lot to worry about during a buy/sell: contracting, signage and storefront updates, inventory, staffing, vendor relationships, and countless other items.

With all of these activities happening, SEO can get lost in the shuffle. But given its importance in driving customers to your website, it is imperative you don’t forget about SEO during the buy/sell process.

SEO is one of your best marketing tools. As a new brand, this is your chance to take up valuable search real estate with your new message.

It’s especially important to focus on updating all on-page content, metadata, and URLs with your new brand name. This will sweep away references to your old brand and allow Google to start displaying your pages with the updated name.

It’s also important to create fresh, keyword-rich content that highlights your new brand, your new value proposition, why customers should buy from your dealership, and how you fit in with your local community.

Ensure that old inventory and landing pages correctly 301 redirect to the new content to ensure that Google can properly crawl your site.

Update Google My Business

Tip #2 – Update Google My Business

Google My Business is the top search signal that impacts local search. This means that if you want to show up in searches in your location or surrounding areas, as well as in local maps, you’ll need an updated Google My Business listing for your new brand and/or URL.

Instead of creating a new Google My Business listing, retain the existing value by updating your dealership name and the link in your main sales listing. Make sure your hours are updated if they have changed.

Make sure categories and attributes are still relevant and add any relevant ones that are missing. Update your service menu and appointment links to reflect the new URLs. Also be sure to add photos of the new dealership logo, exterior, interior, products, staff, and any others that highlight your brand.

Post about your new brand to let shoppers – and Google – see that you’re ready for business.

Tip #3 – Don’t Forget Data

Remember to ensure that both Google Analytics and Google Search Console are properly installed before and after the buy/sell updates. If your URL changes, you need to be sure that it is updated in Google Analytics and that a new Google Search Console property is created for the new URL.

Make sure that you can track traffic and user behavior on the site with GA, and keyword rankings and search impressions in GSC to inform your SEO strategy moving forward. This step is crucial so you can monitor for any immediate drops in user activity, traffic, or keyword rankings.

Congratulations on your dealership purchase! But remember – you’re not finished just because you signed the deal.

These three tips are only a fraction of the SEO work needed to ensure your new brand’s website is up and running. Download Sincro’s checklist to make sure you’re following SEO best practices for your new brand or URL.


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