Site Search – Unlock More Conversions With Likely Buyers

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Site Search – Unlock More Conversions With Likely Buyers

Site Search – Unlock More Conversions With Likely Buyers

A dealership with a successful website delivers a seamless user experience, has easy to navigate pages, and merchandises vehicles beautifully. However, one key feature that is often forgotten in the shopper journey is a website’s internal search functionality. The presence of a search box on a website has a significant impact on conversion rates.  A shopper that uses a website’s internal search is 50% more likely to convert than shoppers who don’t use it.

How to set-up your website internal search to drive more conversions:

Easy to Find

Up to 30% of visitors will use a site’s search at least once during their visit. Expand the search box directly in the main navigation, so shoppers can quickly and easily begin searching your website.

Mobile Friendly

Most traffic today browse a website on a mobile device. Nothing is more likely to make your bounce rates soar than having a site that is hard to navigate. When a shopper is on their mobile device, a search bar directly in the navigation pane gives the shopper a way to quickly find the information they’re looking for.

Shoppers Can Find Things Faster

Google and other search engines have changed the way people consume and learn information. Your search bar should allow shoppers to find vehicles in inventory, and answer shopper’s questions.

The Search Analytics Advantage

Sincro websites have expanded search capability called Smart Search. Smart Search caters to a shopper’s needs enabling the shopper to find key information about your dealership such as hours, coupons, upcoming events at your dealership, and vehicles in your inventory.

The Search Analytics Advantage

By integrating Google Analytics tracking in your website search bar, you’ll be able to see how often people search for a specific term.  You can use this information to make your page content more valuable, to inform new page builds, and to improve your site layout. Sincro has step-by-step instructions on how to activate site search tracking in Google Analytics, or contact your Website Performance Manager who will be happy to help.

Adding Smart Search to your website will deliver a smooth, seamless site experience for your shoppers.

Get the most out of your website’s search functionality, contact your Website Performance Manager or contact Sincro at 800-909-8244.


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