Grow Your Sales – Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

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Grow Your Sales - Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

Grow Your Sales – Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

You’ve set-up your Google My Business (GMB) profile. Your department listings are correctly nested in your main sales listing. Your dealership hours are accurate. Your descriptions are optimized. UTM tracking is in place, and you even have a post or two.

Now you just have to wait for the leads to start rolling in, right?

Well, not exactly. Setting up your GMB profile is the correct first step, but there is much more that can and should be done to take full advantage of the opportunities GMB offers your business. A critical next step is to integrate GMB into your overall sales and marketing strategy.

Google My Business represents an increasingly important marketing channel for your business. According to MOZ, GMB is the #1 search signal for determining ranking in the local map, and is #4 for determining local SERP organic ranking.

It’s important for a dealer to dominate their local search rankings and to be highly visible on Google map to drive leads and shoppers to your showroom.

Here are a few of our recommendations for integrating Google My Business into your marketing strategy.
Department Listings

Extend Your Marketing

  • Following Google’s best practices, nest your service, parts, or used department listings within your main sales listing. Use the added listings to extend your marketing efforts. 
  • Use your GMB profile to promote posts about your products, including used and certified pre-owned vehicles, fixed ops services, and special offers.

Capture new opportunities 

  • Set-up a service schedule appointment link to capture service leads that come from your GMB listing. Always ensure you route leads to Service for appointments scheduled from your GMB listing.

Optimize Your Entire Listing

  • Engage new and existing customers
  • Hours – keep store hours up-to-date, especially during holidays.
  • Q&A – answer customer questions in a timely, professional manner.
  • Reviews are Powerful – respond to and resolve negative reviews on GMB (and other social media) as soon as possible. Work with your staff to grow positive reviews on your listings.
  • Create a GMB short code and URL to drive additional reviews directly from your sales and marketing collateral. When you share your short name, customers can go directly to your GMB Profile “[yourcustomname]” and easily leave reviews
Answer customer questions in a timely, professional manner.

Keep Content Fresh

  • Posts: add 3-5 new posts per month to your main GMB listing, plus a few posts on each of your nested department listings to keep your profile fresh. NOTE: Only two posts will appear on search results pages at a time; additional posts will require the shopper to click to view.
  • Images/Videos: regularly add new high-quality videos and images to keep your profile looking up-to-date and dynamic.
  • Product Carousel: GMB is a strong off-site merchandising platform. Highlight targeted vehicles on your listing using the GMB ‘products’ feature. Monitor your products feature to refresh inventory as vehicles move off your lot. If you’re not able to see the ‘products’ feature in your GMB listing contact Google Support to request they add it.
  • Align GMB with your website and sales strategy. Add select content from your website or social media to your Google My Business listing. For example: if you add homepage content on your website about a virtual sales event, remember to include this content in a GMB post.
  • Not all content is appropriate to post on your GMB listing. Nor does every vehicle warrant its own post on your main GMB listing. Use your best judgement. Promote your vehicles using your GMB Products feature.

Capture All Your Leads  

A major benefit of integrating GMB into your marketing is its ability to generate additional leads that will show up in search results for your Sales and Fixed Ops departments.  

  • Add an appointment scheduler and call tracking number to your GMB listing to capture your GMB leads.
  • Work with your BDC or internet manager to ensure leads generated by GMB are routed and followed through appropriately.

Analyze and Tweak 

  • Set-up Google Analytics (GA) to track and report on your GMB traffic as a custom audience. Integrating GMB into GA for reporting will give you a clear view of the value GMB is delivering to your business.

Track to improve your performance  

  • Monitor your search impressions to evaluate your success with GMB.
  • Use keywords that are part of your listing such as service, parts, and used.
  • Integrate your GMB listing metrics into Google Analytics.

For more information on how to optimize your GMB listings watch our recent Optimize Google My Business webinar.

If you would like help to maximize the power of Google My Business for your dealership, visit to learn about Enhanced GMB or contact Sincro.


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