Avoid Two Key Mistakes With Your SEO Strategy

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Avoid Two Key Mistakes With Your SEO Strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a powerhouse strategy for businesses looking to broaden consumer awareness and drive sales.

SEO is a multi-faceted and constantly shifting landscape of what shoppers can do online, the words and phrases they use to search for what they want, and algorithm updates that create groups of searchers, options, and results. It provides a great opportunity to solidify and bolster your digital marketing.
Even a formidable SEO strategy can have pitfalls, though. As you proceed with your SEO plans, you’ll want to avoid two key mistakes.

Mistake #1: Don’t rely exclusively on your brand

Branding is and will always be an integral aspect of any digital marketing strategy. Your brand is your identity. It provides consumers with a reason to do business with you and enables you to attract shoppers and build trust.
But it’s important to remember that all things have limitations and branding in SEO is no exception. A key mistake is expecting too much from your branded SEO strategy. If your SEO efforts focus on your brand alone, how can you bring in new shoppers who don’t yet know you?

To correct this, focus on a comprehensive SEO strategy that targets branded as well as non-branded, local, and in-market shoppers. You want to attract attention to keep your business top-of-mind with new and existing customers. Using SEO to optimize with non-branded, local and relevant keywords, you can expand the pool of potential visitors to your site exponentially by targeting people who didn’t even know they were looking for you.

Here’s proof of the value of expanding your visibility to people in your area who don’t know you yet:

Being too heavy-handed in one area of SEO while neglecting another will hide you from your potential customers. You want to attract people in your local area who are searching for you, looking for what you sell, or the solution you provide to their problems. A multi-faceted SEO strategy helps you stay in front of all your potential shoppers.
Keeping your SEO approach up to date with expert analysis and advice can help build your brand from the kind of credible external sources you need. You should always look for new visibility online, which leads to new shoppers that you can keep coming back again and again. That’s the smartest and strongest way to keep your business moving forward. But expecting your branded SEO strategy to do this on its own is a big mistake.

Mistake #2: Don’t expect too much from any single channel

Digital marketing campaigns aim to reach a myriad of consumers. Prospective shoppers will search for your business in several ways online, including mobile devices and social media platforms. Knowing this, marketers need to consider a range of channels to reach them such as the websites they typically visit, how long they stay on those, and how they arrive at your website.

SEO gives you the opportunity to stay top of mind for consumers through the process. It’s a solid strategy driven by data that provides excellent visibility and customer acquisition abilities. However, any one channel can only go so far.
Another mistake a business can make is overestimating the value of a single element of a strategy, such as paid, organic, or social. SEO can always be bolstered by investing in other avenues.

Consider other tactics such as targeted digital search. It will increase your ability for SEO to work efficiently by creating more opportunities throughout every stage of the buying cycle. It will also open more avenues for shoppers to visit your site.
Another tactic that will reap rewards when paired with SEO is digital advertising. A study by Honchō showed that while 40% of people searching for a car online are influenced by SEO, another 19% are influenced by paid advertisements. That means that dealers can influence 59% of the digital market simply by including these two avenues of acquisition to their digital arsenal.

SEO is a backbone that will bring steady and consistent traffic to your website when optimized properly, and digital advertising can be a great tip-of-the-spear option to acquire new customers that will come back through other channels over time.
The greatest strength in a digital marketing strategy is in breadth of coverage, so brands should avoid the pitfall of being too confident that any one tool can get the entire job done well.

Avoid SEO Mistakes with Sincro

Sincro has one of the largest, most knowledgeable SEO teams in the automotive industry. The team is empowered by tools, reporting, and the latest strategies to provide dealers with the most managed SEO value for their spend and to build more value.

Dealers using Sincro’s PowerSEO solution enjoy a dedicated and highly experienced analyst as a virtual team member. Dealers who have PowerSEO for a year or more enjoy 23% more organic visits, 16% more organic VDP views, and 35% more organic phone call leads.

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