Filtering Out “Traffic-Bot” in Google Analytics

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Filtering Out “Traffic-Bot” in Google Analytics

The greatest thing about Google Analytics is that every day, there is a new surprise. This week’s excitement happens with the new bots from “traffic-bot” that were hitting a lot of Google Account bots. First seen on Twitter by Marie Haynes, this is one of those “ghost spam” bots that will hit Google Analytics but not your website. The good news is the Whisperer has a plan for this! First off, to check if you were hit by one of these ghost spam bots, check out your referral traffic. If you were targeted, you will see a large spike in page views, starting on the 31st of January. These URLs are going to be some combination of traffic-bot in the URL.

If you see that, it’s time to go add a new filter. Thanks to my friend Steve Lamar on Twitter for helping with this regex. To access your filter settings in Google Analytics, click into the admin section of GA and click on filters. If you haven’t set up a filter before, you first must create a new view for filtered traffic, and then add your filter.

For this filter, you want to select “custom” as the filter type. Second, for your filter field select “Request URL”. And then finally, for the filter pattern paste in:


After that, click verify and you will see the before and after. The after section should reflect no more traffic from that bot. Click save and then you will be done! 

Filtering can be a lot to take in, so if you have questions reach out to Sincro today and we can help. 


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