As the Cookie Crumbles – The Latest Updates on a Cookieless Future

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As the Cookie Crumbles – The Latest Updates on a Cookieless Future

One of the hardest aspects of the changes and updates to third-party cookies is keeping track of all the information. Every day is a new set of blogs, articles, and white papers on some part of the update. Sincro’s new series, As the Cookie Crumbles, looks at the most important updates to keep you informed and ready for a Cookieless future.

Apple Releases iOS 14.5 Update

Apple’s iOS 14.5 update was pushed out on April 26th. Contained in the update is the “App Tracking Transparency” framework, which will show a pop-up for any app you access that wants to track the device ID. Companies like Facebook have had campaigns against this update while some analysts say the impact may not be big.

Google Rolling Out Tests of FloC

Earlier this year, Google announced the Federated Learning of Cohorts, or FloC, as part of their answer to cookies going away. This solution is meant to be an alternative to cookies, allowing Google to analyze browser behavior and group users into a cohort of similar users. The biggest question is whether these Google tests will gather and anonymize enough data to be shareable.

FLoC Trials Already Delayed in Europe

As soon as Google announced FLoC, it had its first hiccup. Now Google has said that Google will not make FLoC available in tests for countries where General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is active. There’s no timeframe on when Google may, if ever, be able to test FLoC in those countries.

WordPress Looking to Block Google’s FLoC by Default

Earlier this month WordPress released a proposal that would block FloC, Google’s proposed replacement for third-party cookies. With 40% of all websites using WordPress, it has big potential in WordPress being able to participate in whatever Google’s replacement for cookies looks like.

Google Not Supporting Different Ways to Track Users

As people looked to replace the cookie, many in the industry thought that they would be able to start using a different user ID to pass along. Google put a stop to that, announcing they will not support any new universal ID to replace the cookie.

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