3 Big Benefits of a Group Site Strategy

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3 Big Benefits of a Group Site Strategy

What would you do if you knew that 60% of shoppers enter the market unsure of which vehicle to buy? Or that only 1 in 5 shoppers purchase the brand they originally had in mind?1

Most dealers would most likely answer this question with something like “provide the shopper with the right experience based on where they are within their purchase process.” But what experience do you provide a shopper that has no idea what they want and – once they know – might not even buy it?
One option is to invest your budget into third-party leads and push these shoppers to an aggregator so they can shop their inventory. Then invest even more money in making sure that you are always showing so they don’t find what they are looking for with a competitor first.
This is not the winning idea. Not only do you end up spending more money, but you also provide a horrible shopping experience. There is a way to provide the appropriate shopping experience based on where consumers sit in their purchase journey, at a lower cost and still drive more leads.
The winning idea: a group site strategy

Why You Need a Group Site Strategy

Your group site allows shoppers who have not identified a dealer of interest to find you quickly and easily with aggregated inventory, pricing, and promotions, for all dealers within the group in one easy spot.

As customers cross-shop, you always want to be the relevant option for their consideration set. As customers consider other brands, make sure it’s from your dealer group and that it’s easy for your customers to connect with the cars they want.

Dealer Group Sites Allow You to:  
1. Strengthen Your Brand Presence – Differentiate from the competition to retain more customers with a strong strategy and brand presence. Increase your brand recognition, create trust, support your advertising, and build long-term value.

2. Work Smarter
– Leverage data from shopping activity on all your sites to make advertising and website experiences more powerful. Provide relevant content by showing customers the exact make and model they are interested in purchasing.

3. Spend Wisely – Maximize your digital ​investments and buying ​power. Push third-party sites and competitors lower in search results so customers can find you faster. Deliver shoppers to a group website and dealer sites when appropriate. Studies show that when a Sincro dealer group website strategy is executed, individual stores within a group experience a +16% increase in overall engagement and 13% more email leads. 

If you’re a dealer group and are looking to step up your strategy to capture more high and low funnel shoppers at a lower cost, reach out to us. We’d love to chat. 

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