Hispanic Car Buyers: How to Reach the Fastest Growing Millennial Generation

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Hispanic family shopping for car

Hispanic Car Buyers: How to Reach the Fastest Growing Millennial Generation

What if your dealership could reach a market that has doubled in size in the last decade, expecting to top 1.9 trillion dollars in buying power, has a 116% growth rate, and anticipated to buy nearly 2 million new vehicles this year? I can almost hear you say, “Tell me more!” right?

Over the last 100 years, the Hispanic* community has had the greatest impact on the demography of the United States of any ethnic or racial group – and there are no signs it is slowing down. Understanding the Spanish-speaking communities’ automotive shopping journey, coupled with implementing a strong online strategy could help get your dealership in front of this growing consumer base.  

The Convergence of Demographics Means a Huge Opportunity for You

Vehicle purchases by Hispanic buyers doubled in the last decade. Additionally, Millennials and Gen Z are the only two generational segments of the automotive industry seeing growth. In the last 4 years, Millennials have narrowed the gap in new car ownership to only 1% behind both Baby Boomer and Gen X buyers. All of this means a massive opportunity for dealers to reach a large portion of the millennial generation, who are fast approaching their peak earning years.

Increasing Sales Through Connecting With the Hispanic Community

This journey starts with a better understanding of the Hispanic culture and their purchase journey.

About 75% of Hispanics speak Spanish at home, and nearly four in ten prefer to read online and offline content in “all Spanish” or “mostly Spanish.” Have you considered how you can reach these shoppers online?

Also, did you know that Hispanic moms buy for children as the intended user 46% more often than their general market counterparts? Purchasing a new or used vehicle is a family decision – one where everyone is involved in the car shopping journey. Have you considered how you approach this multi-generational consumer’s needs?

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Reach Spanish-Speakers

1. Increase your Organic Reach: Most shoppers, regardless of their ethnicity, begin their journey in Google. Be sure to include questions in Spanish. Be careful using an automated translator like Google. Google translate doesn’t always use the dialect of the Hispanic community in your area. Have someone on staff that speaks Spanish preview your content for accuracy and authenticity.

2. Develop a Keyword Strategy that pulls in shoppers searching specific words. Create a landing page answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) in Spanish. When you have helpful answers to relevant questions in a clean and structured format for online Spanish-speaking shoppers, Google rewards your page, and your site begins to show up as a relevant resource. Keywords to consider:   

Auto Nuevo + GeoAuto

Usado + GeoCarro

Nuevo + GeoCarro

Usado + GeoCoche

Nuevo + GeoCoche

Usado + GeoTroca

Nueva + GeoTroca

Usada + GeoCamioneta

Nueva + GeoCamioneta

Usada + Geo

*Did you know, that “SUV” does not translate in Spanish? Use SUV or Camioneta as an alternate 

3. Create a landing page including the following:

  • Information on how to purchase a vehicle with an “ITIN” number used to file taxes for those who have not yet obtained citizenship.
  • Spanish Team’s Bios: As the Hispanic community is a highly loyal one, put faces to names by providing bios of all Spanish speakers. Be sure to include contact information for all departments from Sales to Service.
  • Click to Call and Form Fill: Provide a clear CTA for shoppers to connect with someone who speaks Spanish.
  • Highlight your new, used, and lease specials to direct them to your inventory quickly. 
  • Imagery is Important: Include relevant images that help describe the content on the page.
  • Is your Spanish Speaking Demographic 50% or higher? If so, create an additional site dedicated to this community.

4. Social Media: According to CNN, Hispanic adults, at 72%, are the most active group on social media sites in comparison to all other ethnic groups. Consider creating custom content tailored to them in Spanish on your social platforms.

Know Your Audience

Knowing who your dealership is trying to attract is key, and there are important differentiations to consider. Tailor your content to include the appropriate dialect of the Hispanics within your specific area. For example, Florida has a high population of Cubans and Puerto Ricans. If you are curious on what your region’s demographic looks like, you can find out more by using Data USA or City-Data. To understand how many Spanish-speaking shoppers interact with your site, utilize Google Analytics: Google Analytics > GA Audience > Geo > Language > (ES-US), (ES), (ES-MX), etc. Here is a quick reference guide of the language code.

Sincro’s dedicated team members would love to help your dealership accomplish all of this and more. Give us a call at 800-909-8244 or email us at info@sincrodigital.com.

*Hispanics are defined as people who have a Spanish-speaking origin or ancestry (including from Spain). The U.S. Hispanic market is made of numerous groups with many different interests, backgrounds, and traditions. Not all Hispanic people speak the same Spanish.

Alexis Harste – Senior Digital Performance Strategist

For the past 7 years, Alexis Harste has been helping dealers make shopping for vehicles online easier for their customers. Partnering with some of the largest and most influential dealerships in the country – she ensures all aspects of their goals are aligned with their online strategy. For fun, Alexis likes to go hiking and spends most weekends at her son’s football games, while simultaneously playing “Anna” with her 4-year-old daughter, aka “Elsa”.


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