4 Ways GM Dealers Can Press The Easy Button With Sincro Inventory Manager

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4 Ways GM Dealers Can Press The Easy Button With Sincro Inventory Manager

Managing inventory in GM’s Digital Dealer Command Center (D2C2) just became easier for GM dealers. Sincro Inventory Manager (SIM) is now an approved dealer vehicle inventory manager (DVIM) for D2C2. SIM can pass all needed VIN level data in one clean feed to D2C2 at no extra charge to Sincro website customers.

SIM lets you press the easy button and keep the setup and tools you use today when managing your vehicle data feed into GM’s inventory platform. Here are four ways that SIM will be a game-changer: 

1. Quick and Seamless D2C2 Integration

With the flick of a virtual switch, we turn on SIM and it interfaces with all your existing workflows. Migration is so simple that the onboarding process will take days instead of weeks.
SIM saves you from needing to upend your existing inventory processes when onboarding to D2C2. You won’t need to change a thing. SIM will send it all to D2C2 for you. And no need to manage inventory in D2C2 separately.
SIM is the only D2C2 solution that lets you continue using your installed tools regardless of how many you have or if they’re GM-approved. Sincro can aggregate from more than 200 inventory providers, maintaining all the flexibility you enjoy today. As the only dealer vehicle inventory manager that can seamlessly feed all this data to D2C2, SIM saves you significant time and budget.

2. Fast and Flexible Inventory

SIM provides the fastest inventory updates for VIN information such as pricing, photos, and descriptions. It draws data from multiple vendors in just minutes. You can also hide or remove vehicles instantly and send or receive inventory updates from GM in near real-time. Other vendors can take up to two hours to perform the same tasks.

SIM is also convenient and user-friendly:

  • Host your inventory and pictures
  • Upload vehicles and add photos effortlessly, including from a mobile device
  • Edit inventory details such as price and photos
  • Select multiple photos to re-order from an enhanced image gallery or delete 
  • Use the bulk upload feature for pricing and photos 
  • Share inventory across all your sites
  • Send inventory to third parties like Kelley Blue Book and Autotrader

3. Manage Specials How You Want

With SIM, you can keep using Sincro’s powerful Specials Tools, which results in a huge productivity advantage and better experience. Sincro In the Moment Support will also create specials and better manage pricing for you, saving you even more time.
Create bulk specials in minutes and manage used vehicles independently from D2C2. Manage specials for dealer groups and multi-brand stores with a single login. Sincro’s Tools send the specials you create right into D2C2. There’s no need to re-create them in D2C2 – you can do it all in SIM.

4. The Price Is Right

There’s no extra charge for SIM. It’s automatically included with every Sincro website.
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If you’re a GM dealer who’s interested in pressing the easy button with Sincro Inventory Manager, contact us at 800-909-8244 or info@sincrodigital.com


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