5 Strategies to Sell More Cars Despite Low Inventory

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5 Strategies to Sell More Cars Despite Low Inventory

In a market where shortages of semiconductors, chips, windshields, and foam are an everyday reality, it is still possible for your dealership to grow in almost every department this summer. Check out these 5 strategies: 

1. Highlight SUVs in stock and their towing capabilities

2021 is the year of the family road trip. Shoppers may not be aware that many SUV options are available to them that meet all their towing needs. Showcase models by highlighting their towing capacities to get your customers (and all the fun they are towing) on the road to their summer adventure.

  • Create a landing page highlighting the current SUVs you have in stock and all of the details on their towing capabilities and packages. Use keywords (tow, towing, towing capacity, best SUV for towing, SUV towing capacity, etc.) to help your page pick up traction on Google.
  • Create a landing page that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) on SUVs. Address storage space and the difference between 4WD, 2WD, and AWD, along with 2 rows or 3. When you have helpful answers to relevant questions in a clean and structured format for online shoppers, Google rewards your page, and your site begins to show up for those shoppers as a relevant resource.

2. Lease return and early lease return landing pages

Acquiring lease returns boost pre-owned inventory levels. Also, the quality of lease returned vehicles can be high as lease customers are obligated to service their vehicle routinely, and mileage tends to be low. In addition, regardless of where a customer leased their vehicle, they can generally return their lease at any dealership within that OEM. PLUS, any time you take in a lease return, chances of that shopper wanting to replace it with an upgraded or different model are high – which in turn, is a sale.

Lease Return Paperwork

3. Used and certified pre-owned landing pages

Increase your organic reach through SEO on landing pages. Ranking at the top in Google within your area for words such as “used” and “certified used” could put you above your competitors in the used market.

  • Promote key CPO units in Google My Business (GMB) for extra visibility. Use the campaign URL builder to track the performance of these units through Google Analytics.
  • Create a “new vehicle alternative” landing page; highlight low mileage used vehicles or certified pre-owned vehicles that provide a warranty, low mileage, and roadside assistance.

4. Sell/Trade landing page – we’ll buy your vehicle, even if you don’t buy ours

Create a simple landing page highlighting the steps a shopper can take to trade in their vehicle.

  • Ensure you have your trade-in form and a click to call available on this page to help direct the customer where you’d like them to take their next step.
  • Create a landing page highlighting the steps a shopper needs to take to trade in their vehicle since more customers are working from home and no longer need multiple vehicles.
  • Highlight this page with an email campaign to your customer base.

5. Increase service appointments

If shoppers aren’t buying new vehicles, then they’re repairing their used ones. Americans continue to hold on to their vehicles longer. The average age of light vehicles on U.S. roads stood at 11.8 years, up from 10.3 years in 2009.

  • Why Service landing page: Tell your customers why they should opt to have their car serviced with you. Use a title that explains – example: “Highest Google Reviewed Service Dealer in Houston.” Include a clear value proposition, customer reviews, and a clear CTA: schedule service.
  • Create a “summer prep” landing page sharing tips such as: check tires and tire pressure, listen to and feel the brakes, top off engine oil and other fluids, keep AC running cool, etc.
  • Highlight your service specials on your website, social media, and in email campaigns.
  • Introduce your Service Team members with pictures of them in action, along with a short, personable bio.

Sincro’s dedicated team members would love to help your dealership accomplish all of this and more. Give us a call at 800-909-8244 or email us at info@sincrodigital.com.

Alexis Harste – Senior Digital Performance Strategist

For the past 7 years, Alexis Harste has been helping dealers make shopping for vehicles online easier for their customers. Partnering with some of the largest and most influential dealerships in the country – she ensures all aspects of their goals are aligned with their online strategy. For fun, Alexis likes to go hiking and spends most weekends at her son’s football games, while simultaneously playing “Anna” with her 4-year-old daughter, aka “Elsa”.


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