Highlight Towing to Boost SUV Sales

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An suv towing a new boat.

Highlight Towing to Boost SUV Sales

2021 is going to be a summer full of road trip adventures. In fact, two-thirds of Americans are planning summer vacations, and most are domestic. With more Americans being vaccinated and many people hoarding days off without realizing it, safe vacations through road trips are highly anticipated.   With an increase of 74% YOY in personal watercrafts, 34% increase YOY in boat sales, and a rise in camper sales for the second year in a row – towing is top of mind for many travelers this summer. With low new truck inventory across all OEMs now, more shoppers are considering other options that can help get them to their summer road trip destination. 

How to Shift Focus from Low New Truck Inventory to Help Increase SUV Sales  

First, ask yourself what your current inventory opportunities are? Where do you need to shift focus? Most likely, it may be away from new trucks, and towards the SUVs you have in stock. Many SUVs from most OEMs have excellent towing capabilities that shoppers are simply not aware can meet all their towing needs. These ideas below can help you get in front of these shoppers and highlight the different towing capacities and capabilities your in-stock SUVs have. 

Sincro's National Road Trip Day Social Media Campaign
  1. SEO: Create a landing page that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs) on each SUV and its towing capabilities. Answering questions such as “What SUV has the best towing capabilities?” or “How much can the Yukon tow?” are real questions your shoppers are asking Google. Search engines reward sites that show up as a relevant resource for their shoppers. Don’t forget to include the available towing packages.
  2. Landing page: In addition to the FAQ page, a landing page that outlines the benefits of the SUVs you have in stock, with each of their towing capabilities and available towing packages, will have SEO value. Don’t forget to include a clear next step on this page – your inventory for this model should be highlighted, along with any incentives available and a click-to-call and short form to help increase engagement.
  3. Social: Hold a “Summer Road Trip Contest” highlighting real shoppers on their adventures. Promote on social media: Submit a picture of you and/or your family/pets on your summer road trip in your [Dealer Name’s] vehicle (vehicle purchased/ leased at [Dealer name]). The winner will receive a road-trip gift basket full of snacks, [dealership’s] memorabilia, a $100 gas card, etc. To save on expenses, partner with a local business to cross-promote – they could supply the gift card, and you could highlight them on your site and social media.

Don’t Forget!

While this will help you increase shoppers interested in towing capabilities amidst low truck inventory, these are “evergreen” concepts, meaning these landing pages will have benefits long after inventory levels out. Months with the most drivers on the road are July and August – be the first in your community to help bring awareness to all of the SUV opportunities that could help take them on their next adventure with all their “fun” in tow.   Sincro’s dedicated team members would love to help your dealership accomplish all of this and more. Give us a call at 800-909-8244 or email us at info@sincrodigital.com. And for more examples of social media campaigns and to make sure you never miss a blog post or contest, follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, and/or Twitter.

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Sr. Digital Performance Strategist

For the past 7 years, Alexis Harste has been helping dealers make shopping for vehicles online easier for their customers. Partnering with some of the largest and influential dealerships in the country – she ensures all aspects of their goals are aligned with their online strategy. For fun, Alexis likes to go hiking and spends most weekends at her son’s football games, while simultaneously playing “Anna” with her 5-year-old daughter, aka “Elsa”. 


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