Dealer Groups and the Rise of OTT Advertising

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Dealer Groups and the Rise of OTT Advertising

The landscape of traditional TV advertising has changed dramatically over the course of the last few years with the increasing number of streaming services. As a result, streaming service customers have surpassed cable users, and dealer groups are now facing the question of where they should focus their TV media budgets.  

The Rise of OTT 

Over the Top (OTT) advertising is a commercial shown online and on streaming services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Roku. With the ability to reach over 84M households and growing in the U.S. currently using streaming services that utilize OTT advertising, this new advertising option allows dealer groups of all sizes to reach their target audiences. With more options for streaming services going live in the future, it is predicted that cord-cutting households will surpass pay-tv households by 2024.  

Chart for US Pay TV vs Non Pay TV Households 2016–2024, eMarketer July 2019

Benefits of OTT

Convenience and Advertising On-Demand

With streaming and on-demand services consumers no longer must tune in at specific times to see their favorite shows. With OTT, dealer groups can reach their target market whenever and wherever a shopper is tuned into a show, if the device they are watching the show on is connected to the internet.


There is an increasing move toward OTT instead of traditional TV advertising. OTT content frees consumers from cables, geographic restrictions, broadcast schedules, and more. This fundamentally changes not just how video can be consumed, but also how they are sold and produced.

Lasting Results, Lower Costs, and Increased Connect-Ability

To help dealer groups reach in-market consumers utilizing OTT, Sincro created a campaign opportunity that was distinctive and innovative for over 400+ dealers. This campaign leveraged targeting data to develop a detailed, audience-focused campaign in hyper-local locations with custom creative for each participating dealer in the ad group.

Through this opportunity, the dealer groups were able to reach over 26 million locally engaged consumers1 over a 3-month period across 11+ different hardware types such as Roku, Google TV, and Amazon Fire TV, as well as 500+ apps at an average lower cost than what they experienced with traditional TV, seeing a 19% drop in average CPM.
Whether you are looking for more cost-effective ways to reach your TV audience, expanding your advertising by utilizing OTT, or want to learn how it can help reach target audiences, Sincro has an option and solution for you. 

Sincro’s dedicated team members would love to help your dealership tackle OTT advertising and reach your customers. Give us a call at 800-909-8244 or email us at

1. 2021 Sincro Business Intelligence

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