New Feature Saves You Time Copying Content Cross Sites

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New Feature Saves You Time Copying Content Cross Sites

Announcing the release of a highly requested new feature that allows users to copy content to 10 sites at once.

You asked and we listened, “I want to easily copy content from one of my sites to all of my sites.” Now you can do exactly that with this easy-to-use copy feature which makes coping content between sites 85% faster than before.

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With our new Copying Content, or ‘Send Copy’ feature, you can send a copy to another site. Once it is sent, it becomes its own content and does not receive any updates from the original. Now what is cool is that our advanced sharing capabilities pick up where our copying feature leaves off. When using our sharing technology, the original content can be shared to other sites within their group. When the original is updated in some way, the shared content receives the same updates.

Let’s take a look at our new Cross-Website Content Copy feature in action.

Copy Content Between Sites 85% Faster with Our Cross-Website Copy Feature

We know that your business’s brand and voice take time to perfect and are an ongoing effort with every piece of content created. The last thing you need to do is waste time manually copying that content from one of your sites to another, triple-checking that everything is copying correctly along the way.

Now, with the click of a couple of buttons, you can do this easily and with confidence knowing the content copies exactly as you created it — without error. Spend your time on something more valuable for your website strategy than copying and pasting your content thanks to Sincro’s Cross-Website Content Copy feature.

  • Free Up Time for Optimization: Spend your newfound time on implementing website strategies to improve KPIs, rather than loading the same content over and over again to multiple websites.
  • Save Effort: Send a copy of your content to up to 10 different sites at once. All content is copied as a draft, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally posting identical website publishes because you’ll be editing the copied content before posting.
  • Add Confidence: Remove human error from manually duplicating content.

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