Webinar: Take Your First-Party Data from Basic to Extra on Facebook

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Webinar: Take Your First-Party Data Strategy From Basic to Extra on Facebook

As social media heads into a “cookieless future,” it’s more important than ever to utilize first-party data to reach the modern consumer. While privacy remains priority, consumers still expect timely personalized marketing experiences on Facebook and Instagram. Get ready for a conversation about how data you ALREADY own can take your paid social strategy to the next level and how integrating DMS data can measure campaign success beyond “the lead” and influence incremental vehicle sales. Join Digital Agency Director, Kristin Falck, Social Media Strategist, Jake Alessi and host Erin Zaborac for this can’t miss webinar. You will learn:
• How to identify the “untapped” data you already own that you should be testing on Facebook.
• Why measuring campaign success by leads puts you at a disadvantage and how integrating your DMS data can help you make informed decisions about your advertising budget.
• Our Top Picks for “always on” and “in the moment” Facebook campaigns informed by first-party data


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