Increase Leads and Improve Engagement with Filter Tags

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Increase Leads and Improve Engagement with Filter Tags

Consumers have come to expect a simple and intuitive online research and shopping experience, and their expectations of auto dealer sites are no different. Unfortunately, there is still one page on dealer sites that requires multiple steps – filtering the Inventory Search Results. Shouldn’t this process be easier? It can be! Dealers can streamline inventory refinement by adding Sincro’s Filter Tag feature to their Vehicle Search Results (VSR) page.  

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Filter tags, which include icons to show shoppers popular features in a visual way, are located at the top of the page and speed the process of sorting through inventory to get to the vehicles that customers really want to see. In fact, consumers are able to filter their inventory search results 3x faster when using filter tags than when using traditional filters.

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The Positive Impact of Using Filter Tags

Not only is the Filter Tag feature more efficient than other searching and filtering tools but, it also helps keep customers engaged with the dealer’s site. A recent Sincro study showed that fewer customers leave VSR when using filter tags than when using other inventory refinement approaches. Fewer site abandons means more opportunities for the dealer to engage potential purchasers.

The study showed that in addition to remaining on the site, users who used the Filter Tag feature typically view more Vehicle Details Pages (VDPs). This suggests that filter tags provide them with a more relevant selection of vehicles to explore. More VDP Views of relevant vehicles pays off for dealers because the same research revealed that filter tag users contact the dealer’s click-to-call Sales line more often than consumers who do not use filter tags, again providing the dealer with more opportunities to convert.

Expediting customers to the vehicles that interest them pays off even after the customer leaves the dealer’s website. One last finding from the study was that filter tag users return to the dealer’s website 27% more often than consumers who do not use filter tags. These returning visits demonstrate the customer’s interest in their dealer’s inventory and a desire to learn more about the vehicles or to verify that the vehicle is still in stock – especially now when inventory is turning quickly. The value of returning visits has been quantified: Sincro’s Closed Loop research showed that multiple visits by the same customer are as likely to result in a purchase as a single visit that submits an email lead. This is because many customers make vehicle purchases after doing extensive online research and then calling their dealer or simply showing up in person at their convenience.

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Michelle Hertz — Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Michelle helps automotive brands understand the experience of their customers on dealer websites, focusing most recently on website feature performance. Prior to Sincro, Michelle spent a decade in customer experience analytics, working with government, non-profit, and healthcare clients to improve all aspects of their websites.


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