How to View Google My Business Campaign Performance in Google Analytics & GA4

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How to View Google My Business Campaign Performance in Google Analytics & GA4

October is here, which means spooky season! For a lot of dealers, their Google My Business can be a spooky place. Don’t worry, the Google Whisperer is here to help make you an expert. Today, we will talk about how to find the GMB data in your Google Analytics account. Since I know everyone has started their Google Analytics 4 training, the guide covers both Universal GA and GA4. If you want to learn more about GMB register for my next webinar, how to become a GMB Superhero.

Utilize UTM Tagging

Before we even dive into Google Analytics, we must first make sure the tagging is correct on Google My Business. We have talked about it before, but every link you have on GMB should have the proper UTM tagging involved. UTM tagging is how you can identify different types of GMB traffic. You can find the people who clicked on your website button, those who went to schedule a service, or anyone who clicked through on your newest GMB post.

For more directions on how to tag up specifics on GMB, I recommend you click on the image to read the GMB tagging guide from fellow GMB superhero Claire. It is important to make sure you are using the campaign part of the UTM tagging. Once your campaigns are all set, come back to this guide to find those campaign specifics.

Check Campaign Performance

Google Analytics (GA) makes it easy to check on the performance of your campaigns. You can identify your Google My Business (GMB) campaigns by matching up the UTM parameters used in GMB posts, products, and links to the data in GA. By looking at the performance of each campaign, you can determine which are delivering results and which aren’t. It is recommended that you review your campaigns based not only on the number of sessions, but how many pages are viewed per session, bounce rate/engaged sessions, and number of conversions they drive. By comparing each type of GMB campaign you may uncover why some worked well and some didn’t. Apply those best practices across all campaigns moving forward. Branded images, concise titles, and links that go to the expected page all make for higher quality campaigns.

In the current version of GA, navigate to Acquisition > Campaigns > All Campaigns.

In GA4, navigate to Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition then click on the pop-up menu in the table and change Session source/medium to Session campaign.

You can also search for visits from Google My Business that aren’t tagged by looking at the source/medium. This should account for few, if any sessions on your site.  Remember, since we did all that campaign tagging, you will be able to see all the different links and clicks on them.

In the current version of GA, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Source/Medium. Narrow down the number of items by searching on “gmb” or “google.”

In GA4 we’re going to return to the Acquisition > Traffic Acquisition report, then narrow down the traffic by searching on “gmb” or “google.”

Keep checking my Google Whisperer page for all of our Google Analytics 4 most up-to-date news and be sure to reach out with your questions. We’ll be back with more video walk throughs and guides soon. 


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