Google Whisperer’s Guide to Page Navigation, Sections and Headers in Data Studio

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Google Whisperer’s Guide to Page Navigation, Sections and Headers in Data Studio

Since the beginning, one of the greatest parts of Data Studio has been the ease of user navigation. Adding and removing pages are easy, and users could click between pages when using a report. Google has released some amazing new updates for their navigation, and the Google Whisperer is here with a new guide to walk you through all the uses. 

The first thing to realize is that when you click on “add a page” in your Data Studio report it no longer causes the page drop down to appear. That click will open up the pane on the right hand side. 

This menu will show all of your pages in your report. Moving pages up and down in navigation is now as simple as a drag and drop. You also get to see all of your pages in one screen. No longer will it take five tries to move a page to the right section. 

There are now two ways to rename pages. You can either click on the page name to access the line to delete and change the name. Or  you can move your mouse over a page to reveal the three dot menu. From there, you can remove pages, hide them, or add an icon. 

The biggest update is the inclusion of icons in the navigation menu. The icons allow you to add a bit of personalization to each page in navigation. When you select “customize an icon” from the page menu, the full icon screen pops up. Google has categorized the icons and you can also use the dynamic search to find a particular icon. After selecting your icon, click apply and it will show in navigation. 

In the new pages menu, the “add a page” button opens up 3 different selections; divider, header and section. I’m going to walk through the different tools and how to use them best in navigation. 

Divider: Adds a line to your navigation. If you want to represent a break in your navigation visually, this is the tool to use. 

Header: Add a top title or description to your navigation. This is similar to a chapter title in a book. 

Section: Add a title to a section of pages. It allows you to put titles and space into navigation. The difference between this and a page is that the section link is not clickable.  You can also nest pages under a section title. When you nest pages, it turns your section onto a menu for all the pages under that section.

Tabs: The updates to tabbed navigation is one of the coolest parts of data studio.  This is replacing all the different hacks people have come up with to have a more interactive report in Data Studio. When you select the navigation to tab, all the pages will appear at the top of your report and become clickable links. When you nest pages under a section, that section turns into a drop down with all the listed pages. 

Combining tabs and sections means you no longer have to have all your pages listed in navigation. You can create a silo type navigation with the bigger themes of pages listed in the tab, with specific pages below. 

The potential of these new controls is limitless but that is not the only update Google has released recently. In the meantime, if you are a dealer with Google Analytics questions, reach out to the Whisperer today!


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