Promoting Cross-Shopping in Times of Low Inventory

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Promoting Cross-Shopping in Times of Low Inventory

Delivering the right message to the right audience at the right time is of utmost importance in a world with limited new car inventory. But do shoppers even know what they want? If a shopper is looking for a Chevrolet Malibu, but your dealership doesn’t have it in stock, are you recommending other models instead?

Shoppers May Be Willing to Switch Models and Brands 

As the inventory shortage continues, shoppers are finding it harder and harder to find a vehicle, especially the one they have had their eye on for their next vehicle. The good news is that the need for transportation has not changed, and shoppers may be willing to consider a variety of options. 

According to a KBB survey from August of 2021, 48% of shoppers said they are likely to postpone their next vehicle purchase due to the chip shortage. Of that group, 25% said they would consider switching brands, 19% said they would consider changing vehicle categories, and 18% said they would consider shifting from new to used. 

Make Cross-Shopping Easy 

There are many strategies dealerships can use to promote cross-shopping. One approach is using paid search. Through paid search it is possible to conquest models from other OEMs, promoting features of your inventory in the copy. For example, if an EV you carry has a better range than another model, put that in the paid search ad copy. You can promote similar information on Google My Business posts as well. In addition, using AiA advertising on social media to promote the right inventory to the right audience is another way to get users to cross-shop before they even hit your dealership’s website.  

Once a shopper lands on your website, it’s crucial to have landing pages that support the message you promised in the search and display marketing. For example, model comparison landing pages are a great way to highlight the different features of a particular model compared to a competing OEM.  Check with your OEM representative to see if comparison details are available from the factory. This can be an easy way to find valuable insights and data to leverage on your landing pages.  In addition, dealership inventory pages could have links to comparable models within their stock throughout their website. 

While shoppers in the research stage may be higher in the funnel, getting their eyes on your dealership’s brand early in this process is valuable as they are more likely to remember your business and come back to buy later.  

Work with your Sincro team to create a holistic cross-shopping strategy. For details or information on how to get started, contact us at


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