Webinar: The Customer Experience EXPERIENCE

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Webinar: The Customer Experience EXPERIENCE

If you are a dealership employee, chances are good you spend a large part of your day looking at your website online. You know exactly where to click to get to inventory or specials, and you don’t mind scrolling to find that key piece of information you know is there.

Will customers be as patient? Will they be able to navigate your site to locate the details they need? Does your dealership website give customers the experience they are looking for to push them forward in their vehicle purchase process?

Join Sincro’s VP of Product, Jason Jewert and host Erin Zaborac as they present data-driven strategies on how to improve the online customer experience.

During this session we will cover key topics such as:

• Search terms and campaigns for success during times of low inventory
• Optimizing your home page with the right message for the right shopper
• Vehicle Search Results vs Vehicle Details pages and what belongs where
• Evaluating effectiveness & analyzing impact


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