The Google Whisperer’s Google Analytics 4 Holiday Wish List

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The Google Whisperer’s Google Analytics 4 Holiday Wish List 

The holidays are upon us once more. We’ve been on a big Google Analytics 4 journey this year, practicing our event creation and report building. I’ve got a lot to be thankful for as the Google Whisperer, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have some wishes. Specifically, I’ve got a wish list for 3 things I’d like to see in Google Analytics 4 in 2022.  

Site Speed Metrics in GA4

Site speed is a metric we are all looking at, especially with the introduction of Core Web Vitals. There are half a dozen site speed tests out there, all of which can be gamed to get a good score. To me, the only site speed metric worth paying attention to is what comes from Universal Google Analytics. That is the load time of customers, which matters so much more than an individual test run once. Site load time, or any equivalent, is one of the major things missing from GA4. As GA4 focuses more on events and engagement, the site’s load time for users matters even more.  

Better Filtering with Streams

As everyone knows, strategy decisions can’t be made with data unless the data is clean. As the internet has become more complex, the need for filtering in Google Analytics becomes key for every dealership. This level of complex filtering is missing in GA4. Google has done some updating and now allows us to filter out specific domains and define IP addresses for internal traffic. While this is a good first step, we need parity for filtering unwanted data. We all need the ability to filter out ghost spam and other bad actors.  

Connecting Search Console to GA4

This is one Google announced earlier this year was “coming soon,” but we haven’t seen a timeline or directions on that. They released some amazing reporting for the Google Ads integration, so I hope to see the same type of reporting for organic search. Having both Google Ads and Search Console connected lets you take full advantage of all the attribution modeling in GA4.  

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