The Final Countdown to Google Analytics 4

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The Final Countdown to Google Analytics 4

What To Pay Attention to Today

Ever since Google announced Google Analytics 4 back in October 2020, the number one question I get is “When is Google going to make us move over?” Well, we have the answer to that question. Google announced today that they will stop firing hits into GA4 on July 1, 2023.

Seeing a date attached to the cutover makes this whole change real and change can be scary. Those who have been following along with the Google Whisperer for a while now should feel more comfortable. Back when it was first announced in 2020 we had the Google Whisperer Guide to starting in GA4. We talked about how to create conversions, aka goals, in GA4 which we all practiced in our sandboxes. We showed everyone how to recreate a report in Google Analytics 4 and gave you an expanded guide to streams in GA4. For my dealers, there is a guide on how to create vehicle search results page views in GA4. We talked about how to find the default channel grouping in GA4 and built you a whole Google Whisperer Guide to Leads in Google Analytics 4. We helped you find your Google My Business traffic AND your social traffic in Google Analytics 4. Don’t forget the video walk through on how to build a report from scratch in GA4 and finally we broke down all the data differences between universal Google Analytics and GA4.

All of that content is just the beginning. We’re planning to continue to publish Google Whisperer guides, videos, and more content about preparing for GA4. This will include things like a checklist to prepare for GA4 and the Google Whisperer’s Guide to Search Console in Google Analytics 4. Be sure to follow this page and the Sincro social media channels to always get the most up to date information as well all prepare for GA4.


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