Webinar: First Party Data Party

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Webinar: First Party Data Party

We all know about the looming cookieless future and the importance of leveraging first-party data. We know it’s crucial to start planning and executing with your CRM & DMS data. But where do you start?

Sign up for the next Sincro webinar where we will review the HOW on all things first-party data. This session will have step-by-step directions and actionable takeaways for your team. Our VP of Digital Agency, Christina Rosenbach and Director of Reporting & BI Strategy, Colleen Harris will join host Erin Zaborac to discuss the best ways to start utilizing the data you have to increase leads and engagement. Key areas of focus will be:

• Defining First-Party data (spoiler alert…it’s more than your DMS)
• Using your first-party data to tailor the online experience
• How-to Instructions on Activating Audience Data
• Learn From Your Results to Make Smarter Bets With Your Budgets


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