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Maximize Your Existing Pipeline. Optimize Your Lease Loyalty Sales Process.

Want a lead that costs $0? Who doesn’t!

A customer that is an in-market buyer that you already know their current monthly payment, driving habits and model preferences for; and who is already familiar with your brand and perhaps your service department – is the ideal customer.  Selling a vehicle to “this customer” should be a breeze and will grow your margin.

Equity Data Mining – Why Should You Care?

The truth of the matter is that maximizing customer retention efforts make for smart business decisions. According to the 2018 NADA’s Annual Financial Profile of America’s Franchised New-Car Dealership study, dealers spent an average of $624 per vehicle retailed in advertising expense. Meanwhile, the cost of retaining our current ones is $0. So, why is it that very few dealerships capitalize on this potential gold mine effectively?