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The Google Whisperer Guide to Leads in GA4

One of the most important pieces of information any analytics platform can provide you is how many conversions took place during a specific period. This is true for any action a visitor takes on your site, such as submitting a form, making a phone call, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a file. Being able to slice and dice the data to see which channels and campaigns provided you the most engagement and the ones with the fewest number of conversions is key to developing a strategy that will help your business grow. 

Customizing Vehicle Page Events in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4. We all know it’s here and it’s really different from what we are used to. So much has changed in a tool that we use all the time, it can make us feel like imposters trying to complete the analytics tasks we’ve spent years mastering. But don’t worry – it is possible to master this new tool. This week, our stop on the journey towards mastery is learning how to create vehicle page events in Google Analytics 4.