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Playbook: Vehicle Acquisition Strategies Playbook

Playbook: Vehicle Acquisition Strategies Playbook Used car acquisition has never been more important. As new car inventory continues to lag behind demand, filling your lot with quality, used cars can help keep your sales rolling in. But do you have a strategy to bring in used cars? Are you mining your database to find all the options that may exist?...

Playbook: Electric Vehicles

The automotive industry is currently undergoing one of the most substantial changes in its history: the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to electric vehicles (EV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV). Individual OEMs can shift strategic plans and investments quickly to respond to industry trends and market conditions, but the transition to an exclusively EV model future is driven by factors outside of individual OEM decisions meaning EVs are here to stay. Download our playbook to learn everything you need to know about selling Electric Vehicles in your dealership.

Playbook: Grow Your Social Media Reach Organically

Would you like to connect with more shoppers for free? Organic social media uses the free services and tools that each social media platform provides to its users. This includes images, videos, links, status updates, posts, stories, going live, etc. The purpose of organic social media is to help increase your community and reach of loyal followers by growing your brand awareness, building relationships, and gaining trust with your audience. This playbook is filled with specific ideas to help you stay consistent in your posts while engaging your fans with fun, engaging contests and ideas to help you grow your organic reach in social this year. Download now.