Category: Webinar

Webinar: Google Business Profiles

It’s everyone’s favorite topic and our most popular of the year – Google Business Profiles! Join host Erin Zaborac as she partners with Sincro’s Google Whisperer, Colleen Harris, to take everyone through Google Business Profiles (the artist formerly known as Google My Business). So much has changed in the last year, and this fantastic resource continues to evolve. Is your dealership taking advantage of the free real estate? We will have actionable insights and do-it-yourself training for dealers of every size.

Webinar: Maximize Your Inventory Listings

Are you confident that your digital storefront is making the best first impression for your shoppers? With almost 69% of Americans purchasing an item online, your dealership website is not your shoppers’ first digital shopping experience. Is your inventory merchandised in a way that appeals to your consumers? Your search results and vehicle details pages should be the highest viewed pages on your site, and Sincro is here to help you optimize them for 2022. Join our inventory guru, Product Manager Kayla Drewry as she and host Erin Zaborac take you through all of the proven practices learned from both inside and outside automotive to maximize your inventory listings.

Webinar: The Customer Experience EXPERIENCE

If you are a dealership employee, chances are good you spend a large part of your day looking at your website online. You know exactly where to click to get to inventory or specials, and you don’t mind scrolling to find that key piece of information you know is there.

Will customers be as patient? Will they be able to navigate your site to locate the details they need? Does your dealership website give customers the experience they are looking for to push them forward in their vehicle purchase process?