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Google Whisperer’s Guide to Search Console GA4 Integration

If you remember my holiday wish list, I was really wanting Google to finally release a connection of Google Search Console and GA4. Well, the Google Whisper must have been on the “good list” because Google released the full integration! Just like peanut butter and jelly, connecting Google Search Console with Google Analytics opens up new opportunities for data exploration. This month’s guide is a walkthrough of how to set it up, what you get, and where to find the data in GA4.  

Whitepaper: Understanding Data Differences Between Universal Google Analytics and GA4

ay. Google Analytics 4 is here and everything we know about data is changing. There is an apparent move away from reporting on page views and a new focus on the reporting of shoppers’ engagement on websites. Before you embrace GA4, spend some time understanding the fundamental differences between how metrics are calculated in the two systems. Download our whitepaper to learn everything you need to know to prepare for the change.

Whitepaper: 6 Keys to Digital Marketing Success

Whitepaper: 6 Keys to Digital Marketing Success Do you know the details of your digital marketing efforts? Often dealership executives inform us that they have someone who handles digital marketing for their business. Whether they’re working with a website manager or a third-party marketing firm, executives rely on these trusted partners to navigate the expansive ocean that is digital marketing....

Whitepaper: Secrets Your Blog Post Traffic Tells

Using relevant blog posts and content pages is a proven method to drive quality local traffic to your website. Google rewards content that helps your site visitors by making the content an important factor to improve your site’s organic ranking. Perhaps you have an SEO vendor helping to develop content for your site to engage traffic, and you receive regular reports from the vendor showing the ‘impact’ their content is having on your traffic. Typical SEO vendors demonstrate the value of their service using the simplest of all measures – an increase in your traffic. Download our whitepaper to find out the questions you need to ask to make sure you getting the most of your data.

Whitepaper: Automotive Online Shopping Trends During COVID-19 

These unprecedented times pose a dilemma for traditionally high-contact businesses such as dealerships, and the automotive industry must pivot quickly to protect their businesses. In this playbook, our experts analyzed the latest information from across automotive digital marketing to provide data-driven recommendations to keep your dealership ahead of the curve.