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Latest from the Blog

EV and The Customer Experience 

Purchasing an electric vehicle is more complicated than a traditional car purchase. Consumers do their research in order to make sure an EV will work for them. EV Box analyzed the obstacles to EV Adoption with consumers and found there were 3 main areas of concern: 47% of consumers are concerned with charging availability, 46% see electric vehicles as relatively expensive, and 37% believe charging is too time consuming.

Google Whisperer’s Guide to Search Console GA4 Integration

If you remember my holiday wish list, I was really wanting Google to finally release a connection of Google Search Console and GA4. Well, the Google Whisper must have been on the “good list” because Google released the full integration! Just like peanut butter and jelly, connecting Google Search Console with Google Analytics opens up new opportunities for data exploration. This month’s guide is a walkthrough of how to set it up, what you get, and where to find the data in GA4.  

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