Increase Leads and Improve Engagement with Filter Tags

Consumers have come to expect a simple and intuitive online research and shopping experience, and their expectations of auto dealer sites are no different. Unfortunately, there is still one page on dealer sites that requires multiple steps – filtering the Inventory Search Results. Shouldn’t this process be easier? It can be! Dealers can streamline inventory refinement by adding Sincro’s Filter Tag feature to their Vehicle Search Results (VSR) page.  

The Google Whisperer Guide to Leads in GA4

One of the most important pieces of information any analytics platform can provide you is how many conversions took place during a specific period. This is true for any action a visitor takes on your site, such as submitting a form, making a phone call, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a file. Being able to slice and dice the data to see which channels and campaigns provided you the most engagement and the ones with the fewest number of conversions is key to developing a strategy that will help your business grow. 

3 Summer Trends That Will Help You Capture the Attention of Shoppers

Summer is a traditionally strong time of year for vehicle sales. Incentives attract shoppers to the current year’s models to prepare for the influx of next year’s vehicles. However, the summer of 2021 looks a bit different from previous years due to the continuing shortage of new inventory. 

What are the latest trends revealed by Sincro data? How do they stack up to our May analysis, which found a drop in shopper activity, a rise in used inventory, and demand for new vehicles outpacing used?