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WEBINAR: Transform Your Brand Using Social Content & Reputation Management

Your shoppers are doing recon work on your brand way before they make contact with you. They are checking your social profiles and presence on review sites to learn about current and previous customer experiences. Positive reviews, consistent social engagement and proactive reputation management can help shift how future customers consider your business.

Join host Erin Zaborac and our social media experts to discuss actionable best practices to transform your branding by leveraging your social profiles and, ultimately, best connect with your customers.

Changes Coming to Meta’s Facebook That Dealers Need to Know

In the last few months, Meta has announced several changes on their Facebook platform that directly impact the automotive industry. Two of these changes are the deprecation of the Vehicles Tab and the removal of the ability to post to Marketplace from a business page. To prepare for these changes, we’ve laid out the details and available options for your dealership’s advertising needs.

Webinar: Reducing Friction in Automotive Retail with Meta

Join host Erin Zaborac with special guests from Meta and Social Media Strategist Connor Wessman from Sincro as they explore how to tap into Meta solutions to optimize online consumer journeys. They discuss everything from brand development techniques with advanced audience data, to leveraging various ad types that offer direct engagement with potential shoppers. They also look ahead and break down what’s happening next for Meta as they continue to find new ways to reduce friction in automotive retail.

Getting Back to SEO Basics

It has been a long and challenging couple of years: a worldwide pandemic, inventory shortages, the worst inflation in 50 years, record-high prices for new and used cars (and for a gallon of gas), and a war in Ukraine. 

All of these factors have dealers focusing on getting the most out of their website. A main driver of website traffic is SEO content – and now is the perfect time to get back to basics.

You Should Be Obsessed with Fuel Economy – Here’s Why 

Beginning in March 2022, gas prices SOARED. Now 4 months later, the average price of a gallon of gas across the country is nearing $5 which is “…a new all-time high not only on a national level but in all 50 states.” Consumers are more price aware and price sensitive than ever which means we have an opportunity to make the information they’re after easily accessible in your digital storefront.